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City of Virginia Beach Open Data Portal Named 2019 AWS City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge Winner in Dream Big Category!
City of Virginia Beach Open Data Portal Named 2019 AWS City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge Winner in Dream Big Category!

The Open Data Initiative is a movement to empower users with easy access to City of Virginia Beach data. Through strengthening accountability and transparency, the City aspires to increase citizen engagement, generate open dialogue, promote economic development opportunities, spur innovation, and inform decision-making across public and private sectors. Our goal is to enhance quality of life while building better communities.

VB OpenCity is an open platform which equips residents, visitors and other stakeholders with information to participate in government and contribute to the decision-making process. The portal is an entryway to our digital assets, standards, policies and open data. We invite you to explore its contents and consider new possibilities. We anticipate the use of data published by the City will encourage more innovation and collaboration.


Who: Data Custodians, Specialists, Scientists. Data creators are responsible for the creation, maintenance, and proper management of the data.

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Who: Data Administrators, Officers and Analysts, Data Managers. Data publishers are involved in managing and publishing data sets and are the first point of contact for users of your data.

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Who: Software Engineers, Programmers, Startups. Developers and entrepreneurs are key players in the process of turning raw data into innovative new services and solutions for the wider City community.

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Who: GIS Professionals, Data Scientists, Analysts. Data professionals are a key player in the data life cycle and a part of the process of turning raw data into useful insight.

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Who: Decision Makers, Policy Makers, Managers. As an executive, learn your department's role in making your data available, the benefits of being involved, and how to prepare your own open data action plan.

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Who: General Public, Researchers, Businesses. In an increasingly connected and digital world everyone is a data consumer, from the general public and community groups to researchers and small businesses.

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